Hi, thanks for dropping by!

My Name is Ted Sutherland  (I scored the nickname "Sutho" in school), so I've chosen to call the site Suthosongs!


I am a lyricist / songwriter concentrating on the country music genre. So far I'm tending to write from personal experience and emotions, and usually I try to take a light hearted path to get my message across.


Over the years I've worked with a few music arrangers so that I can have backings recorded, to put some meat on the "bare bones" of recordings I send them. They have all been very patient and understanding, and my thanks goes out to them.  The arrangers that are represented here, are... Harvey Mann, Cliff Bradley, Rod Moar, and most recently Rob Kitney. Because of cost restrictions, I've also used a program from PG Music called "Real Band" to produce backings for about half of the songs here.


The actual music side of these songs comes from melody suggestions I have made, to folks I know that can actually play musical instruments. In the main my co-writers have been Jan Sutherland, and my son Ben Sutherland. There are some songs here that I collaborated on with Chris P. Adamson, and others with Paul Anthony Smith.


I haven't had any work published yet, but this site is about giving my songs a chance to be heard, even though these samples are only in rough form.  Rough means that I have sung the songs over arranged and previously recorded backings, and the recordings have been completed on computer


My hope is that someone will hear something here that sparks interest, or a desire to follow up and actually record one of my babies.

Just in case you're wondering, all the songs I have listed and sampled on this site are copyright works, listed with APRA.

I am also keen to co-write. So, if there's someone out there with tunes and melodies that need lyrics... please give me a try.  It can't hurt to see what two heads can come up with, and I'm not afraid of re-writes. Or if you have a tune that needs some lyrics, I hope you might consider getting in touch.

There's a few songs I've made YOU TUBE videos for, and they're listed on the "ON THE TUBE" page of this site. 

So... what to expect on this site? I've grouped various songs together and created "demo CD's", the  C.D. covers are displayed on the pages of this site, and samples of the songs they contain are shown on the page as well so that you can play the sample, and get the general idea of how I imagine the song could  be recorded. 

I retired from full time employment in June 2019, and moved to Campbell Town in Tasmania.  Since then I've started to perform some of my songs wherever and whenever I get the chance, performing under the title of Ted Sutherland and The Karaoke Cowboys. It's a whole new experience for me, and a great deal of fun to actually get out there and see a reaction to my songs.


So, happy listening, and please don't hesitate to get in touch....


Ted Sutherland


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