The next page has 2 C.D.'s There's one that is a collection of all my Aussie Country songs, and the other is called "Farewell" and has a group of songs that deal with love lost

+ OZ SONGS, is a collection of strictly Aussie style country demos, my favourite is "My Mate" but really I love 'em all .

+ FAREWELL has songs for the broken hearted, stories of lost love, regrets, and loneliness.

This page has 2 C.D.'s. FAMILY TREE (my Mob) contains demos about (naturally enough) my family! One about Mum another about Dad and others about my youth The there's the "crossover" country songs that get a little rocky, it's titled "BOOGIE TO DO"

= FAMILY TREE. 6 songs about my parents, me my past and the Aboriginal connection on my Father's side of the family.

= BOOGIE TO DO is filled with uptempo country rock, my favourite here is called "Too Old To Party"

The last 2 C.D.'s (there are even more demos to follow that haven't fitted the theme's here) but for now here are LAUGHTER, and Songs for LUSTY Lovers

^ LAUGHTER is my collection of humorous songs, odd subjects (for sure) but a lot of fun to write. "Hair, Yeah! Yeah! is my personal favourite here and is my reflection on hair loss... a subject close to home.

^ The LUST C.D. takes the love theme a little further than most, and I guess some might see the lyrics as being a little too candid. But again I had fun trying to push the ideas a bit, and my favourite was going to be called "Naked" but I changed that to "Nat'ral" just sounded a little less confronting?!