NEW C.D.'s

Over the last few months I've put together 11 CD's.

The first CD here is called "For Now" and is basically a sampler, which features song demos  from a variety of genres. The idea was to demonstrate that I enjoy writing Country, Crossover, Aussie Country, Ballads and comedy songs.

On the next page there's 2 C.D.'s 

* THE TOP END. this CD features 5 Tales" from the North of Australia. I've worked in those areas, so there's one about the Pilbara, The Ironclad Hotel at Marble Bar, W.A.  One that I wrote to promote the "Top End" a whimsical one called Peak Hour in Paradise, plus a song that speaks about the workers up there (and all over the country, really.)

* B.B.Q. Beauties. has 5 songs that can be enjoyed over a typical Aussie barbecue, including one about mateship, another that celebrates the great Australian Barbie, two about the joys of fishing as well as a drinking / pub song.

On the next page there's also 2 C.D.s, but the theme for both is LOVE 

# LOVE 1 has 6 songs all having "LOVE" as the common denominator. Old love, new love, love from afar, and love that has faded, my favourite here is  "Nothing's Comin In".

# LOVE 2 also has 6 songs all having the "LOVE" theme. My preference of these is "For Now and Forever" which was written as a wedding song.