Demos on the "TUBE"

I spent some time putting together a number of "music-videos" so that people might take some time to hear my demos, while watching related images... a few of them have received  a good number of views, while others have been less successful. Because they are a little older than this website, some of the backings are different from the samples here. 

I'm not a videographer, but it was a lot of fun, and a decent learning curve.. if you get the chance take a look, please. 

There's 14 of my demos to see, and all you need to do is type in "SUTHOSONGS"in the search window.

The titles are,

I'll Lead With My heart

Saltwater Cowboy

She'll Be Right

I'm On The Land

That's Australia All Over

I Love My Pub

Hair, Yeah! Yeah!

The Top End

Coldwater Tap (Mum's Song)

Curl (Dad's Song)

Miss Right

My Mate

Too Old To Party (too young to retire)

Country Through and Through (my song)