a little bit about my background


I was born in 1950 (that makes me 69 in December this year) and as a result I'm part of the baby boomer generation. The Beatles hit the music world in my second year of high school, and the music revolution they lead changed my world. I left my job in a clothing store and started "working" in the local record store... that continued on and off for about 17 years. C.D's were introduced the year I left the industry, so it's been a while  since I was behind the counter.

On reflection my enjoyment of the record industry and music in particular was mostly because there was so much creativity in that field, just as there is today. It didn't hurt that my eldest brother was the host of a music program called "Sounds", televised on Channel 7 for many years, and as a result during those formative years, there was a constant flow of professional  musos visiting the family home.


I'd been dabbling in security work for a few years and after the record store closed, I took on the role seriously. I worked for NSW State Parliament, for a few years before applying for the Australian Protective Service, which was the security branch of the Australian Federal Police. I stayed with them for almost 16 years. During that time I got to travel overseas a few times to work in our High Commissions, as well as travelling extensively throughout Australia, to work in a variety of locations, like Canberra, Sydney, Woomera, Pine Gap, Port Hedland, Derby. Whenever I returned to Sydney my home station was the beautiful Official Establishments, (our name for Kirribilli and Admiralty Houses. I was there during the time Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, and John Howard were in Office.

Besides the responsibility of being part of the team that looked after Prime Ministers and Governors General, it was one hell of a site from which to see the fireworks every New Years Eve.